Top 5 Teas

On The Waterfront:

First, peppermint gives the blend a spicy fresh profile. Next are the rose petals that weave a delectable floral character through the cup. Next up is ginger, whose heat adds a layer of vitality to the blend. Then there is the Osmanthus and Hibiscus, both flowers known for their pleasant aromas and inspiring flavors. Rounding out the blend are apple and almond, both packed with vitamins and protein and lastly, the mellow herbal character of South African Rooibos.

Mocha Rocha Rooibos: Rooibos Tea, Ethiopian Coffee

Red needle South African Rooibos and dark mocha Ethiopian coffee beans come together to rock your world with rich delectable flavors. Caramel, butterscotch pieces and calendula petals accompany this blend, brewing into a burnt orange liquor that entices drinkers with floral scents and sweetness. Rich and full-bodied, notes of chocolate and caramel join the rustic, earthy quality of Rooibos and the deep tones of coffee.

Cream Earl Grey: Black Tea and Cornflower Petals

High tea is further elevated with tart bergamot orange tastefully tempered by creamy vanilla then blended with the classic pomp of an Earl Grey black tea. A majestically smooth confection that is now available any time the senses desire. Sprinkled with sunny yellow marigold petals, this full leaf wonder is divinely delicious with a silky sweet finish. Smooth infusion with bergamot overtones and a creamy vanilla finish

Pai Mu Tan: White Tea

Our premium quality, Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) tea is crafted from the young shoots and leaves of tea plants grown in the mountains of Fujian province, China. After brewing, this tea has the colour of pale honey and a delicate, floral aroma.

The taste is light and subtle, with a hint of almonds and fresh summer flowers. The texture is smooth as silk, with an unusual, milky mouth-feel.

Angel Falls Mist: Herbal/Fruit Tea

Name after the highest waterfall in the world, this tea will take your taste buds to new heights with its wildly exotic strawberry and lemon character, tastes great hot or cold! Do not add milk, the milk will curdle due to the ingredients in the blend.

Ingredients include hibiscus petals, rosehip chips, calendula petals, dried apple pieces, dried sweet orange peel, and natural flavors.

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